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It doesn’t matter if you are a developer, a private investor, or simply looking for a holiday home in tropical Brazil, we can help you with all necessary documentation, such as residency, founding a company, finding of the right property, and legalizing it. Brazil is welcoming foreign investors, but exact knowledge of the rules and regulations are necessary to reach your goals successfully.
We can offer this Service with practical background. Administration in Brazil works different then in Europe. With our experience we can help you to fullfill your goal.
Our service is to analyze your necessities, make a concept, and solve problems.


Any kind of documentation and administrative necessity, which can vary from analyzing paperwork from a property you want to buy, to the legalization from these documents, the tax number needed to buy property, or the visto de permanencia (permit to live in Brazil on a permanent basis), can be taken care of by us.

Finding property

Besides the plots in our own developments we have several other properties we can offer you, in the area from Ilhéus to Itacaré, and up to the Peninsula de Barra Grande. We can also go and find the right property for you, as a private investor, or company, looking for a condominium or hotel for example. Please contact us with your wishes.

Founding of a company

Opening a company with all the administrative consequences can be taken care of. We work together with Brazilian specialists.

We are experienced in:

  • Residence allowance
  • Company founding
  • Property legalisation
  • Property splitting
  • Building licenses & floorplans
  • Building companies
  • Laws and regulations
  • Administration and control
  • Real Estate analysis and sales

Contact us!

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