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Our residential development Thayana beach front, and Santo Andre farm are located on the Cacoa coast between Ilheus and Itacaré, the most significant section of Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil's northeast. There is no shortage of attractions for those who enjoy nature; listening to birds, walking through rainforests, diving into the ocean, rivers and natural pools.

Link to Sitio Thayana

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Ilhéus has its own national airport, with connections to many brasilian capitals, like Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Sao Paulo and amongst others.

The infrastruture of our Eco Parks are perfect for living on the beach side of Serra Grande with tranquility and enjoyment, with jangadas fishing rafts, surfers and who know you can adventure with the group of paragliders drawning the sky colorfull in the afternoons.

If you want to live on the countryside, Sto Andre farm is the place to pick up the fruits from the trees, to have your own vegetable garden, ride horses and swim in the lake,surround by the rain forest with spectacular sea view, just 4 km for the most beautiful beaches from Ilheus to Itacaré.

Our philosophy goal is to offer our clients absolute privacy, at the same time offer all the advantages of a residential estate, such as general management, care taking and infrastructure.

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